Pastor Ronald Woodson

  • Pastor Ronald Woodson preaches the word of God with passion and without apology.

    He is the husband of Stacy l Woodson and the proud father of Greg, Justin, Romonda, Kiymesha, Markesh, and RJ- as well as the proud grandfather of three grandchildren.

    He accepted his call to teach and preach in 1997 under Bishop Thomas Urquhart of Deridder, La. He was licensed to the gospel Ministry in 1999 at Courts of Praise in Mannheim, Germany. After PCS’ing to FT Sill, OK in 2002, he was separated in to pastoralship, where he was pastor of Interdenomination of Faith (C.O.T.L.G.) from 2002 until the end of 2005.

    Upon retiring from the military, Pastor Woodson believed his future to be in the Lawton, Oklahoma area, but God had a much different plan for his life. God redirected the script and led Pastor Woodson to stay in Colorado Springs, Colorado until his orders are changed by the direction of the Holy Ghost.

    After serving as associate Pastor at Harvest time Redeeming Ministry, here in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 3 years-Pastor Woodson was directed by the Holy Spirit to start Interdenominatoin of Faith Church of The Living God to win the lost and recapture the backslidden Christian. Pastor Woodson is an avid lover of God, his word and his people and preaching the word without compromise.